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Default Re: Defenders Of The Earth - The Movie...

Originally Posted by Destiny View Post
.... that Mandarin type alien
That "Mandarin Type" alien? Also known as Ming, predates the Mandarin by over two decades.

Originally Posted by Destiny View Post
.... if you're going to have a team, the thread should be big, even if they would need to create their oun villain
I don't think they need to create their own villain, they already have one, and the threat doesn't come much bigger than the amassed forces of Ming the Merciless and Planet Mongo, all it's minions, robots and armies invading Earth at once.
This was the Galactic Empire before there was an Empire.

Anyway the Flash Gordon drama usually plays out with Gordon going to Mongo and fighting Ming and his forces there, allying his own subjects against him on his own turf.

Defenders of the Earth would play out with Ming and his forces in retaliation Invading Earth, once Flash returns home.
Thus having to recruit allies Mandrake, Lothar & The Phantom on Earth.
Hence Defenders of the Earth

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