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Default Re: What was Mark Waid's issues with the 1986 retelling?

Originally Posted by Czar Colossus View Post
Excellent...very well put. You are obviously well studied in your comics history.
Thank you.

I'm with you concerning Byrne's take on Superman. Before that I bought Superman comics occasionally, I have been reading Superman every month since. I believe the reason we are (or at least I am ) suffering this new Superman revamp is due to the lawsuit DC vs Seigal's & Shuster's estates. The estates own the rights to the Golden Age interpretation of Superman while DC has rights to anything since (I'm sure it's a bit more involved than this, but it's the basic gist). Thus it would seem that we the fans are faced with the ramifications of this legal dilemma. Hopefully it won't destroy (arguably) the greatest Superhero of all time.
I don't believe that Dan DiDio had Superman rebooted so drastically because of the lawsuits with the Siegel estate over ownership. Dan DiDio has had Wonder Woman rebooted just as drastically without any lawsuits with the Marston estate over ownership. Dan DiDio's orchestrated DC reboots are simply attempts to boost sales. Grant Morrison, Jim Lee and George Perez (all lead by Grant Morrison's vision) are trying desperately to make Superman as modernized, edgy and kewl as they can, disregarding what was always so successful and iconic about Superman since inception, radically changing the personalities and appearances of the iconic Superman characters, to the point to where Lois Lane has a boyfriend and thinks Superman is a trouble-making menace to Metropolis. This Clark Kent's persona is apparently as a poor slob with messy hair, wrinkled untucked shirts, no tie, etc.

This Jimmy Olsen looks like Justin Bieber. He doesn't even have Jimmy Olsen's freckles.

This Superman is camera shy. Grant Morrison's Clark Kent worked at a rival newspaper to Lois and Jimmy.

Grant Morrison's angry Superman tyrannously threatens the citizens of Metropolis to "Treat people 'right' or expect a visit from me." Dictating above Metropolis, creating fear, rather than trust.

This Superman wears a t-shirt, blue jeans and later wears body armor instead of the classic iconic costume recognized by generations.

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Manbat I adore you, those articles were amazing thanks!!!
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Honesty, God bless you Man-Bat.
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Wow, brilliant post, man. Seriously, I couldn't possibly counter debate that. That post is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. You're obviously a true scholar of Batman lore
You've convinced me. Well played, sir. It's great to debate with someone who has the hard facts to back up what they say

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