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Default Re: What was Mark Waid's issues with the 1986 retelling?

First off: Superman comics from the 60's were HUGE sellers, both in terms of market share and pure numbers. Look it up. Usually 6 books (Action, Superman, Adventure, Superboy, Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane) were in the top ten.

I could go point-for-point, but I really have nothing to discuss with a Byrne-defender, Miller-worshipping, Waid and Morrision disparaging individual such as you. Nothing personal, but you clearly do not understand Superman at all, and that is not going to change, especially with the way you cherrypick your facts, and make assumptions that only support your viewpoints. See, to me, what is important is the characters and their creators, not my personal viewpoints. Jerry Siegel never intended for Superman to be a government lackey, never intended for Clark Kent to be the real person and Superman the disguise, never intended for the Kents to stay alive into Clarks adulthood, etc, etc. But we really have nothing left to discuss, our views on Superman are radically different and to be honest as soon as someone defends Miller's treatment of the character I pretty much consider their viewpoints on him to be null and void.

I respect your knowledge, but we will never agree on anything. Please add me to your ignore list.

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