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Default Re: What was Mark Waid's issues with the 1986 retelling?

I agree that the absence of the Kents takes something away from Superman as does his relationship with Lois regressing from what we've had for the last 16 yrs. Even considering that Jonathan died before this New 52 reboot we got years of great stories showing his important influence on Clark. As it stands the relationship between Lois and Clark at this point seems a bit different in that she is not enamored with Superman. The love triangle that was developed for years finally yielded that best outcome with them finally getting married. Their relationship evolved into something wonderful. As Clark's parents would eventually pass, Lois would be the anchor to humanity that Superman needs. I feel Superman is more interesting when he is portrayed as a god-like being that relates strongly to the humans he is devoted to protecting, not just because he has a strong sense of responsibility, but because he truly has a family and loved ones among us (What could be a stronger motivation that the bond of family and marriage?). Superman as more alien is not as appealing. With the utmost respect and admiration to Siegal & Shuster for creating Superman in the first place, he is a great character who has been fleshed out in some better ways by other writers than his creators may have originally conceived. Even the explanation of his dual identity being such that Clark's hair and glasses were not so much the deterrent to revealing his duality as the assumption by the general public that Superman was not hiding anything since he did not wear a mask (not to say the emphasis on posture and body language made no difference); this made perfect sense.(Not an idea presented by Siegal & Shuster) Of course we'll probably never know, but I don't think they would have objected to the notion that Clark really came first (he didn't even know he was Kal-El until much later) and the evolution of his relationship with Lois leading to marriage. A truly great character is someone that can live possibly forever and can be expounded upon by others to add to their richness. Perhaps it's too early too tell, but I feel we have lost some wonderful elements in the new interpretation (and again I hate this new look). Also I said (of Colossus and especially Superman) simple, not simple minded. The greatest truths as well as the greatest men are often simple.

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