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Default Re: What was Mark Waid's issues with the 1986 retelling?

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
Superman comics sold bigger in the '50s with the success of the Adventures of Superman television show starring George Reeves. Julius Schwartz and Carmine Infantino boosted the Batman sales with the new look in 1964 and the '60s Batmania hit with the success of the television show starring Adam West and Burt Ward in 1966, which boosted the sales of Batman comics enormously into the bigger seller, outselling Superman.
Batman outsold Superman for 2 years, 66 and 67, and that was just the individual Batman title, Detective Comics peaked in 1967 at # 8, being outsold by Superman, Superboy, Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane.By 68, it was over and Detective was down to #20 and Batman #3.

Dell was actually the #1 comics publisher in the 50's, with their Disney books. They sold great and were great comics too-Carl Barks was as great at what he did as Kirby was.

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