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Default Re: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El Characterization - Part 1

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
Reading Action Comics #1 for the first time has got me thinking.

Will we, maybe, just perhaps, see the more brutal Superman in this movie?

The difference would be from Superman politely knocking on a door, to smashing it down without a seconds thought.

That, in a way, does make Superman seem a guy that makes mistakes, which makes him someone the audience can relate to. I wouldn't mind that for the first movie, showing Superman growing more responsible and less of character like Batman. Cause the 1 real complaint about Batman Begins that I have, is for the fact that Bruce is dead sure of his path at the beginning of the movie. He doesn't seem to grow or show conflict within himself at all. He is who he is all throughout the movie. With Superman, I want to see him grow. Essentially from the character that he was from 1938, to who he was before Flashpoint. That would be interesting to see IMO.
I'm all for them showing him as the logical threat that he is, a little more of an 'unknown' quantity to criminals (at least for the first film when they don't know he's a good guy yet), and incredibly passionate/outraged by scenarios he encounters.

However, there is such a delicate line there between doing that in a way that is Superman, and doing it in a way that is Batman, Daredevil etc.

I think the most important thing to remove is the 'polite' exterior towards criminals. Don't have him saying cheesy lines or being 'by the book' about things.

Like you said, don't knock on the door, break through it. Don't pick an attacker up by their belt and say 'That's not a very nice thing to do' like it's a 50's comedy show - have him burst through the door and hold the guy up against a wall.

But where Batman would be more focused on putting the fear into the criminal, Superman would turn his attention to the victim.

Easily holding the attacker at bay, he'd see that they were okay. He'd tell them they don't have to be afraid anymore.

I think that's the biggest difference.

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