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Default Re: Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El Characterization - Part 1

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
From what I know right now (since we in the UK are behind with the comics), is that Grant Morrison has took Supes back to what he, more or less, used to be in 1938. Superman was far more brutish back then, and he considered himself to be the voice of Metropolis. And the Superman before DC rebooted everything, was not the same in characterization.

I'm wondering what we are getting in MOS? The badass Supes or the golden boy Supes? I would love to see the gradual journey from what he was back then (and what he is now presently - at this point) to the golden boy before the reboot. Because the characterisation is quite controversial among fans. The Superman readers saw in the new AC#1 has had debate. Some prefer him now, and others prefer him before Flashpoint.
Are we behind? I'm on subscription from a UK site, and I don't notice US people being ahead of me...

Originally Posted by manofsteel4life View Post
Exactly I think that's the biggest problem with making superman more aggressive, even though he was like that before batman.....but I can just see it now from people who don't know supermans history, their gonna say oh now he's tryna be like's a very slippery slope IMO
Yeah, unfortunately, because this Superman movie has been such a long time coming, and is now coming after a lot of Superhero movies, there are bound to be moments in the general publics eyes that are 'copying' other superhero movies... even if we know for a fact that he did it first.

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