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Default Re: Bane... The new Darth Vader?

Originally Posted by ThePunisher View Post
The similarities are minimum, but:

Bane wears a mask like Darth Vader So does Batman, and Bruce has the cape and black armor. What's your point?
Bane could die or suffer some pain if his mask is removed, like Darth Vader
They're agents of chaos, one from the league of shadows and the other from the empire. Yes, because all the strictly enforced fascism of the Galactic Empire points directly to the word "chaos". Vader was a force for order, evil order, but order nonetheless.
Both are the mastermind behind all the plans One word: Palpatine.

And the most important: they are the incarnation of pure evil...
Darth Vader: Incarnation of Pure Evil? Now, I'm not gonna doubt that Vader was evil. Evil is as evil does and all that, but his status as a fallen hero and eventual redemption leading to a heroic death calls the "pure" and "incarnation" parts into question.

You're grasping at straws here, pal.

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