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Default Re: What was Mark Waid's issues with the 1986 retelling?

Originally Posted by TruerToTheCore View Post
"I think I remember Byrne telling me once that he had watched the first Superman movie over 1,100 times." - Jim Shooter

I think it's obvious. Byrne wasn't really working from the comics - the Superman comics he's read as a child were mostly World's Finest - he was using S:TM and the George Reeves television series as the basis for his Superman and threw in the other stuff as window-dressing.

I also remember a John Byrne quote (which I cannot find at the moment) were he said that he did base his Superman on the version people were familiar with, not the Golden Age version.
Except for his rejection of Clark Kent, his Superman is very much the Donner movie version-the Krypton is as close as they could make it and would have been the same if they could have, Superman himself was very naive and overly Boy Scout-the "Big Blue Boy Scout" was never a part of the classic Superman. Basically his Superman is an exaggeration of the Reeve Superman and his Clark Kent is a watered down version of George Reeves Clark.

As for the Alfred Pennyworth thing - that wasn't even from Frank Miller originally but from a Super Friends episode called "The Fear", so I wonder if he took it from there or just came up with it on his own and didn't know it better - I think the idea that Alfred is Bruce's surrogate father is kinda cute, but of course it doesn't really make sense that such a rich kid is raised by the butler, I think that he was raised by his uncle, Philipp Wayne made more sense, especially especially considering the path Bruce took later.
I'm sure Miller came up with it on his own, I just can't picture a miserable individual like Frank Miller watching SuperFriends. I sort of like it just because it has helped lead to the Batman Family of today, with Alfred as the Grandfather, Bruce the patriarch, Dick the #1 son, Tim the family whiz kid, Jason the black sheep and Damien the family *******. But I didn't mind his uncle Phillip being his legal guardian and Mrs. Chilton looking after him either.

I don't know what I prefer, although the "one liner" Alfred which came from Miller got really annoying. I prefer the loyal servant.
It was funny for about 5 seconds.

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