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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

I have to admit I wasn't really excited about this movie as I was for TDK just because Bane isn't really one of my fave Bat villians ( though I do like him and the Knight Fall arch). I would have much rather seen Riddler, Pengiun, or Hugo Strange, Black Mask, or even DeadShot and DeathStroke in the film over Bane.

Even Mr Freeze could be done in a realistic way sorta. I saw a story on Extreme Home Make Over a few years ago, about a family who had daughter with a medical condition that required her to wear a vest with some sort of coolant in it to keep her body from over heating. That could be one way to make him a bit more realistic.

Anyway, after seeing this new trailer I am sold on Bane now and I more excited than ever to see this! Bring on July lol!

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