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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

I just heard the controversy over Jenkins and Portman.

I'll admit that I'm biased in that all the Marvel films feel pretty much the same with only IM1 being vastly superior (and IM2 slightly worse) than the rest. It sounds like Patty Jenkins was fired because she was proposing something that was (finally) different. Maybe her ideas were out there, but she has directed an Oscar winning film and probably could have done some interesting things.

But moreover I think that Jane is an important factor for the sequel because of the first movie's ending. Also, Portman brought some fun energy to that movie even if her character was severely underwritten. After losing Favreau, Branagh, Norton, Howard and now Jenkins over "creative differences," losing Portman AFTER she just won an Oscar would look really bad.

I'll be interested in many years from now when people can talk openly about what working at Marvel Studios was like because I've heard Bridges, Skarsgard, Johannson, and Renner grumble about how disorganized it was and they're not even the ones who left (well Bridges was killed off but still....). It would be really interesting to hear what people really think when the MCU is long over.

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