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Default Re: What could the return of the Timmverse Batman:TAS have to offer?

What I Would Like To See Translated By Bruce Timm & Co.
-Dr. Hurt
-The Owl Society from The Batman Relaunch
-Robin taking on the mantle of Batman for a while.
-Resolution with Andrea Beaumont. I've posted about this frequently, so I will not rehash it.
-More of the Gang Wars in Gotham, particularly with the Falcone's (sans Sofia Gigante,) Maroni's, and of course, Roland Daggett.
-Return of the Joker's original eyes: I liked them yellow. I understand they had to be altered for the reduced budget, but they worked well in the original iteration.
-More of Arkham, including the backstory, including the staff and administrators including Aaron Cash, Jeremiah Arkham, and so on.
-More new/obscure characters.
-Knightfall...sans Jean Paul Valley.

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