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Default Re: The "Nolan's views on Batman villains" thread

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
Fair enough. While I don't disagree with you, the idea of no Batman for a long time makes me nervous lol!
Haha, now THAT, I understand, is fair.

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxer View Post
I have to admit I wasn't really excited about this movie as I was for TDK just because Bane isn't really one of my fave Bat villians ( though I do like him and the Knight Fall arch). I would have much rather seen Riddler, Pengiun, or Hugo Strange, Black Mask, or even DeadShot and DeathStroke in the film over Bane.

Even Mr Freeze could be done in a realistic way sorta. I saw a story on Extreme Home Make Over a few years ago, about a family who had daughter with a medical condition that required her to wear a vest with some sort of coolant in it to keep her body from over heating. That could be one way to make him a bit more realistic.
I'll give you Riddler, Penguin, even Strange but... seriously? Mask, DeadShot and deathstroke? Over the guy who crippled Batman and manipulated the entire rogues gallery and had Alexandre Dumas-esque undertones? Nope. I agree about Freeze though - he always brings that sense of grief and justice distorted by the thirst of retribution that fuels (fuelled?) Bruce. He'd have been an excellent character in a Nolan movie where most men usually go bonkers after having their wife die. Fact that Nora is "still frozen" (am I the only one who thinks of Ibsen at the name?) and idolised to the point of deathlessness would've served as a beautiful echo to the loss of Rachel.

But I guess that's not the movie Nolan is making. Freeze is a different archetype altogether. Strange, however, was easily an archetype covered by mad-scientist-with-psychological-fetish Jonathan Crane. And I still think that the Riddler is somewhat different from the Joker in the sense that he's always the invisible trickster, whereas Joker is the more aggressive and I'll say extroverted trickster. But yeah, both are very much alike and an invisible Riddler like he's in Hush would simply make him an anti-Joker. Bane is an inspired choice.

Originally Posted by The Bruce View Post
I love Nolan's Batman, but at the same time I can't wait for a fresh look at the movie franchise. Somebody has to have the skill to make an intelligent movie while still keeping the comic book stuff. More true to the books.

Imagine a Joker like the one in the Red hood movie.
Again, I'd rather we didn't for some time. This already was a fresh look, which managed to be respectful of the source. You don't reboot a reboot.

I'm sure we'll get another Batman film after TDKR that goes back to the comics, at least visually, but I just don't see the point in that. After Batman Returns it would've been excellent to see a 9-year-old traumatised Dick Grayson -centric story that gave us a matured look at Robin and a fatherly Wayne seeing himself in the boy. Like the episodes in BTAS. Now... I just don't see that happening. Maybe it would've worked if Nolan limited his trilogy to the early-years, but he isn't. I don't want to see "whats next for Batman-on-film". I'd like to celebrate this masterpiece for a while longer. No harm there right guys?

Originally Posted by Miranda Fox View Post
Except that's not really what Nolan said at all.
Yup. We should try and listing the different archetypes that comprise Batman's rogues gallery. Anyone game?

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
Actually, the wasn't cheap.

Oh and, excellent post on the Joker NolansKnight


THE JUSTICE BULLETIN published some of my thematic analysis on the symbolism in Nolan's superhero saga.
I call it Heroic Archetypes. You can read the parts on Batman Begins in the following links:
(pt 1; pt 2; pt 3; pt 4; pt 5; pt 6; pt 7)

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