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Default Re: The Look of The Silver Samurai

Originally Posted by Congo Jack View Post
Steven Chambers (whoever that may be) is designing the new Silver Samurai, I'd like to take a look at that and see if there's elements of his design that can be brought over to the film.
The new Silver Samurai is being designed by Steven Sanders. The writer of the original article where 'Chambers' came from must have been mistaken. Jason Aaron talks about Sanders here:
Originally Posted by Dave Richards @ CBR
"Steven [Sanders] is a guy I worked with just a little bit before. He's a good friend that lives in Kansas City, so I see him all the time. We've talked about working in the past, but it just didn't line up. I really wanted him to be involved in this, and in particular, to design the new Silver Samurai. In issue #300, we get just a glimpse of the new character and Steven's design for him. Then, in issue #301, Steven gets to draw him in action.

"All of those artists are great with gritty action scenes -- and there will be plenty of those -- but Stephen is also great at designing crazy high tech stuff," Aaron continued. "So I've thrown a lot of those elements in. This is a brand-new character that becomes the new Silver Samurai, and he's got a brand new costume and armor."
Jason Aaron Makes "Wolverine" Big in Japan - CBR

Looks like a guy who you think is called "Hermano" is going to get his ass kicked.
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