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Default Re: Bane... The new Darth Vader?

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
It was lame in the way the movie (ROTJ) was paced and directed, and the prequels were remarkably lame as movies altogether. They faltered by lessening the whole by association, and making what could have been a good story (at least in backdrop) feel uninspired and mishandled. Sure, Vader was a 'tragic hero' because of the particulars they made his character experience...but we unfortunately had to sit through some horrible films to see it.
But I wasn't talking about the prequels. I was talking about Return Of The Jedi. These prequels don't exist to me.

Originally Posted by The Morningstar View Post
Darth Vader turning out to NOT be a one dimensional "pure evil" bad guy, despite his previous actions in the films, is what makes him such a great character.
I agree. It also enhanced the characters around him. The emporer seems under the impression Luke is guaranteed to be exactly like him. And Luke has deep faith that he still has good in him to the point that he doesn't kill him when he has the opportunity too. You actually see Vader thinking over it while Luke begs to be saved. And thanks Luke for showing him. It's really great and sure better than he was in a new hope.

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