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Default Re: IGN's Top 25 Comic Book Movies

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
I'd go more like this myself:

1) Iron Man
2)The Incredibles
3)A History Of Violence
4)Superman: The Movie
5)Road To Perdition
7)Captain America: The First Avenger
8)Iron Man 2
9)Batman Begins
11)The Rocketeer
13)The Incredible Hulk
14)Men In Black
15)Sin City
16)X-Men United
17) X-Men:First Class
18)Spider-Man 2
20)Superman 2
23)The Punisher(2004)
24)The Mask
25)The Green Hornet
Nice list... However, Men in Black, Blade, The Punisher and The Green Hornet should be replaced with The Crow (#7) The Dark Knight (#14) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (#19) and Blade II (#25).

Blade is a tough one. Although the it was this film that ushered in a new age of of comic to film adaptations, and should be recognised for that fact, the actual story had a lot of problems. Blade II IMHO better addressed the character and provided a better and more coherent story.

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