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Default Re: What could the return of the Timmverse Batman:TAS have to offer?

they could I'd break it out like this

1st Season End of RIP (with Conroy as Batman Bruce Wayne) Battle for the cowl and the Last Rites Two Face vs Nightwing Story with the season finale being Dick as Batman vs Jason As Batman

2nd Season Building the Bunker Dick's First few months as batman a few original stories (involving previously unused characters Nocturna The Spook etc) the Finale is Batman stopping two Face sending him to the rebuilt Asylum And realizing that Two Face was distraction while Penguin and Black Mask begin to build their respective armies

Season 3 life after death (again with a few original stories and adding in places) as well as some of the Batman And Robin story-line as well as special episode based on Batman 700 With Bruce Greenwood playing Adult Damian. the last episode Batman defeats Black Mask

Season 4 Original story-lines dealing with the fallout of Black mask's empire and some classic characters Joker Bane (in a nolanized outfit) Riddler Hugo Strange etc

After that who knows.

Batman Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroy
Batman/Nightwing/Dick Grayson it's a tough call either bring back Lorren Lester or if he doesn't want to do it Will Friede.
Alfred Timothy DaltonI just can imagine him saying the bad ass lines Alfred said in the comics

outside of that I'm not sure but 1 little thing i'd like since the comics are alluding to both Bruce and Dick getting a ton more action I'd like it if in the animated series Dick had some fun nothing to graphic obviously but a scene with babs in bed next to him or something of that sort would be nice.

just my 2 cents

I've decided for fun I'm going to try and create a fanmade animated intro based on what is already out there (i can edit clips together but draw not so much) it's gonna be tough but I'm gonna try.

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