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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
It's already rather pointless though, aside from him getting back home. All the first movie did was give us a live-action Thor to put into The Avengers movie. Portman was there for marquee value.

One line...and that was more than enough. Also replaceable. There really wasn't much of an arc. Put it this way...Potts and Stark didn't even kiss in the first movie, and you felt there was some electricity you wanted to see again. And it may be more from the actual actors/chemistry than the story....but Thor had neither, even if they did express 'love' to eachother. I mean, most people don't even remember her character's name. Heck...people even remembered 'Vicki Vale' better than....well...Portman's character.

Because she's Natalie Portman.

Not that I dislike the idea of her coming back...never bad to see her in anything, really. But c'mon...they could get another love interest/actress and not skip a beat except for not having Natalie Portman on the poster.
I think if anything, had "Thor" the movie been allowed to be a little bit longer and have Thor's time on Earth take place for more than just a day, perhaps Jane's character would have been allowed to be fleshed out even more; especially since I personally felt that she had good enough material to explore on her own that would have moved the story as well that wasn't "romance plot" related since her character was knowledgeable with the whole inter-dimension thing.

And I won't deny that her name and its market value was probably another strong reason for Marvel wanting her in it as well.

In any case, others would disagree with your assessment of their chemistry with each other; some enjoyed it, others didn't..etc. If anything, I think the whole point was to show somewhat the bittersweet feeling that just when things are about to pick up between the two characters, things are cut short and they're prevented from seeing each other for a certain amount of time at the end.

As for a new love interest, well Sif would probably be the answer to that, since she's also a major love interest for the character in the comics...if Marvel wanted to, they could use the second film to transition Thor from Jane to Sif in a similar matter like how TDK franchise is apparently doing with Bruce from Rachel to either Selina or Talia in the next film.

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