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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
And her function is done. You could easily have Thor come to Earth again for another purpose entirely, not even mention or see her, and nothing would feel unfinished. Oh...she was a 'love interest'. memorable was that?

Technically, sure you could point to how important she was in the actual plot, yadda-yadda. How did it feel, though? Was there electricity? Like we have to see where the relationship goes or something will feel lacking? That's why she's interchangeable.

It ends on a cliffhanger where Jane is looking for him. I should hope she finds him.

I thought the chemistry between Nat and Chris was great with what we god but like you say it needed more. Thor 2 should give us more.

And if Science=Magic, I will not rest until I get Jane vs Enchantress

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
It's already rather pointless though, aside from him getting back home. All the first movie did was give us a live-action Thor to put into The Avengers movie. Portman was there for marquee value.
It did Thor's origin story a little unfaithfully but the basics were there. What else would you want out of the first Thor movie?

One line...and that was more than enough. Also replaceable. There really wasn't much of an arc. Put it this way...Potts and Stark didn't even kiss in the first movie, and you felt there was some electricity you wanted to see again. And it may be more from the actual actors/chemistry than the story....but Thor had neither, even if they did express 'love' to eachother. I mean, most people don't even remember her character's name. Heck...people even remembered 'Vicki Vale' better than....well...Portman's character.
Who are these 'most people'? You must have really badly attentive friends

Not that I dislike the idea of her coming back...never bad to see her in anything, really. But c'mon...they could get another love interest/actress and not skip a beat except for not having Natalie Portman on the poster.
Except the entire ending and the growing tension throughout between them. That would be like Thor saying 'I met this girl who I grew to like considerably but I had to leave. We kissed and I promised to return for her. I miss her and she is looking for me but I've chosen to never see her again'. Are you Stan Lee? He wrote a similar crazy out for Jane in the 60's


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