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Default Re: Did anyone see 1989's movie in theaters?

I was 4 years old when Batman came out, and my family was visiting my uncle and his family out near Richmond, VA. It was the first movie I ever remember watching, and I loved every second of it. Well, what I got to see anyways, right around the scene where Batman has saved Vicki Vale and they're driving in the Batmobile on the road to the Batcave, and there's all kinds of leaves on the road, my baby cousin (who was like a month or so old, yeah go figure why my aunt brought her lol) started crying, and my aunt took her out to the lobby, and my mom made me and my brother leave too, for fear it would scare us.

I had nightmares of The Joker that night, and many nights afterwards, but then once I realized he was not real, my dreams turned to me and my brother as Batman and Robin and we kicked Jokers ass! lol This, and my 5th birthday party the following July of 1990, cemented me as a lifelong Batman fan! We had a Batman themed party (my brother and I are twins), and he got the Batmobile, I got the Batplane, and we both got the Batcave as a present for both of us. Man, I miss those good ol days! lol

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