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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
Again, a lot is obvious and right there in the raw info, but it wasn't delivered like something we had to see continue. You watched a romance but you didn't really experience one with them like you do in other movies. We didn't feel it with Connelly and Bana's character in Hulk, either, even though Thor was a better movie. Chemistry, material, whatever be the reasons.

And its not about 'what more do you want', the movie...and more importantly an okay without making any more of it. It's plenty excusable. But don't make it out to actually be well done or vital/irrelpaceable moving forward, because it isn't.

It *is* vital that Jane return for Thor 2, and they wrap up the relationship threads established in the first film.

I *do* agree with you, however, that Jane is expendable as a character, *after* the inevitable reunion. I'd be more than happy to see Jane die a noble lover's death in this one, and Thor set his sights on Sif instead. Since, you know, that's what happened in the original comic.

Also, a lot of this is speculation on my part, but it seems to me from what I'm reading here in the forums and in the blogosphere that Thor's success can be attributable in large part to an unexpected demographic: namely, women and foreign markets. As a superhero movie, Thor didn't attract the usual rock-em-sock-em action crowd (i.e., boys of all ages, say 5 to 50), but people who were more enthralled with the quasi-Shakespearean family drama, the cross-dimensional romance, and (frankly) the shirtless hunk.

So I believe that Marvel should be (and *is*) taking this new demographic into consideration for Thor 2; and that means the Thor 'n' Jane romance will likely take center stage.


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