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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
A very typical ending and unfortunately not one where you felt like the relationship was dangling. If they don't miss it in a followup, neither will the audience. Whereas in something like Iron Man, you felt the sparks without even verbalizing it...or kissing, etc.. Thor didn't have that.
Sorry, but me and my family all thought the relationship was dangling, we all WANTED Jane to find Thor or vice/versa and we all want to know if they will be re-united in the sequel, plenty was left dangling.

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post
Because she's Natalie Portman.
I was actually talking about the character, not the actress, Thor and Jane are desperate to see each other again, it was more than just romance, for Jane, meeting Thor was a culmination of her life's work, for Thor she is a big part of him becoming more humble and understanding.

Originally Posted by KalMart View Post have to bring up specific lines or aspects of the plot, etc to justify such-and-such....fine and dandy. But they didn't make you feel it works when done well, you don't even have to bring up a line or story point. Probably a combination of both writing and chemistry, but again, there's little that's needed from Portman again except her star-power. It's not her fault, and no-one's saying can her out of dislike. But she's an ultimately expendable and easily replaceable character.
I would have to disagree again, I would say Jane's character is essential for Thor 2, see my points above about why, there is more than just romance there.

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