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Default Re: The Official Maria Hill/Cobie Smulders Thread

Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
OMG, again, Xeno... co-signed. Hard. This is also why I have some issues with other CBMs that shall heretofore remain nameless. I love MCU's female characters. Especially Pepper and Peggy. The filmmakers and actresses found ways to build female characters who are formidable in their own right. Since I adore Cobie Smulders and Joss Whedon and how he writes females (most of the time) I have high hopes for Hill in The Avengers.
Marvel has done an incredible job of portraying its female characters as strong individuals who are full participants in the stories. In contrast to X:FC, all of the major female characters in the MCU had their statuses upgraded when they were translated to the big screen. Pepper became an executive assistant and later CEO; Betty went from pure damsel-in-distress to Bruce's equal as a scientist; Peggy commanded troops as well as being a tough agent; Jane was cast as an astrophysicist instead of the nurse/adjunct of Thor's alter-ego. They weren't just there to be rescued, ogled or demeaned, but instead had their own parts to play in the story.

Marvel should be applauded for getting it so right with the women who inhabit their universe. Certain other franchises could take a few lessons from them in how to portray women who don't have to strip off or dumb-down in order to be considered useful.

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