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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

I have a bunch,

- Ras Al Ghul (the only time I've ever liked the character is with the Begins Neeson Ras)

- Talia

- Solomon Grundy

- Maxie Zeus

- The Mad Hatter

- Black Mask

- Harley Quinn

With Ras Al Ghul and Talia I just never liked that whole dynamic or there relationship with Batman. Every story line seemed the same with them, "join us Batman, be my successor and marry my daughter or DIE". I just never could enjoy it. That parred with the Lazarus pit, Damian, especially Damian, and all that other craziness and they're some of my least favorite villains.

Solomon Grundy I've always disliked. I just don't understand the character at all. He doesn't even come across as a Batman villain to me. He should stay in Green Lantern's universe. With Maxie Zeus it's just the ridiculousness of it, like, why was he even created? While I like and enjoy the Mad Hatter in Batman the animated series, in other mediums I can't stand him. I'm sure people gasped at the likes of Black Mask and Harley Quinn being on my list but I think Black Mask is extremely overrated. There's just nothing about the character that I enjoy. As for Harley, she's sort of the same deal with the Mad Hatter (this sort of goes for Croc, Man-Bat and Poison Ivy as well. I love them in BTAS but outside in comics, I loathe them). I love the character in the animated series, but outside of it I absolutely despise her. She should have remained where she came from. She has this whole "cosplay" (outside of animation she just doesn't look right to me), obnoxious "mista j" quality outside of the series that I can't stand.

Really, the only ones I like or care about are the following,

- The Joker

- Two-Face

- The Riddler

- The Penguin

- Catwoman

- Hugo Strange

- Mr. Freeze

- Clayface

- Scarecrow

- Bane

- The Ventriloquist

With the exception of perhaps Croc, Man-Bat and Ivy I could probably do without the rest of them that I haven't listed.

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