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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

Originally Posted by バット人 View Post
With Ras Al Ghul and Talia I just never liked that whole dynamic or there relationship with Batman. Every story line seemed the same with them, "join us Batman, be my successor and marry my daughter or DIE". I just never could enjoy it. That parred with the Lazarus pit, Damian, especially Damian, and all that other craziness and they're some of my least favorite villains.
I never liked him from the get go, not even in BTAS. In simplest terms, hes basically yet another evil wizard in a cape. Just about every cartoon or comic has one of those evil warlocks with goatee and cape and for me he seemed to generic and uninteresting and non-unique in comparison to all those other flashy, incredible Batman villains. Just another warlock

While I like and enjoy the Mad Hatter in Batman the animated series, in other mediums I can't stand him.
Im similiar with other characters. For example, I dont find Clayface that interesting in the comics, but I love him in BTAS

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