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Default Re: The Official Maria Hill/Cobie Smulders Thread

Originally Posted by Shadowlord X View Post
The very fact that they chose an attractive woman like Scarlet Johannson to play Black Widow relates to sexuality. As males we would inherently be less interested in her character if she were unattractive.

There is a difference between displaying natural alluring sexuality and being displayed purely as a sex object (as would the case with porn).
I'll let that bolded bit speak for itself. See below.

Originally Posted by Shadowlord X View Post
I can't believe you have such a feeble understanding of reality and human nature. Sexuality permeates every aspect of our life on a day to day basis. This includes music, finances, entertainment, basic day to day apparel, etc., etc., etc. EVERYTHING. You need to do some reading and understand human beings a bit more.
Teehee. I'm a middle-aged, bisexual female who's done everything. I'm also a biologist by training. I don't need to read up to understand things, you know.

But that's beside the point. We're talking about the presentation of women in media. I'm claiming women don't need to be sexualized to be attractive, and that they can be serious movie characters while wearing clothing that's not sexually revealing. Are you telling me you're only paying attention to a woman when you can see her boobs? Because this would prove some theories I've had regarding males.

Seriously, though, what's wrong with engaging the brain when watching movies, instead of watching them just to get sexual titillation?

And on topic, I'm hoping we'll get a kick-ass Maria Hill who's not afraid of talking up to Fury, and who'll tell Tony Stark he's being a dick when he's being a dick, all without needing to be a sex object.

There's a difference with being secure in you sexuality and being a sex object. Hint: it's got to do with showing cleavage where it's not necessary. Also, newsflash: unattractive women can be secure in their sexuality. They can also be kickass movie characters.

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