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Default Re: The Official Maria Hill/Cobie Smulders Thread

Originally Posted by Adamantium Man View Post
With our *beliefs*? The *real world*?

Belief is something you need in church. I'm a scientist. I know exactly where I am where human sexuality is concerned. No belief is necessary.

And if you think the real world implies that women need to be sexualized, then you're the one with the problem. I suggest an attitude adjustment, stat.

And now the subject is well and truly dropped.
I'll keep my attitudes just as they are thank you (especially since I never said women need to be sexualized, just that there is nothing wrong with some degree of sexuality, male or female, on display) and the world will agree with me and not with the futility of hyper-feminism.

Now the subject is dropped.

But if you feel like it feel free to pick it up (its on the floor amidst the rubbish over there) but I will waste no more of my time on the topic.

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