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Default Re: The Dark Knight Gallery/Photo's Discussion Thread - Part 1

I don't think you got my humour there, maybe it wasn't sophisticated enough or something.
thank you.

edit: anyway, you shouldn't hang about here waiting on a response all night, have a look around, see if there's any debates you could get involved in while you wait on your sticker getting made. I guess you must enjoy watching the Joker sitting on the toilet, that's what that image conveys to me anyway, haha.
in the sense that you have taken the image out of it's context, and deliberately obscured the detail, so at a passing glance, it can look like the Joker is sitting on the pan. I mean, if people go round to your house, that is probably what they are gonna think of you subconciously, "Hey, this guy likes watching the Joker sitting on the toilet, what's that all about?!"
Looking at the black image on the white background, it is very like the graphics used on toiletries, and given the sitting position...that is what the image conveys, haha.
The Joker is potty!
Seriously though, you know where to stick it now.

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