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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Hugo Weaving is Red Skull - Part 6/6/44

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
I loved the tone of the movie i'll agree that it was in the old style serial movies, but cant agree about Red Skull, you have this great actor playing him and you barely give him anything to do, it was really dissapointing, I just didnt find him menacing at all, he probably did worse things in the movie than Loki or Stane did but yet they were much more menacing and much better villains.
But, they were different types/styles of villain for different types of movies. You can't just make the Red Skull too brutal in a film this light hearted, otherwise it throws off the tone/pacing of the rest of the film, so you'd have to make the entire film more gritty to make it consistant. He was supposed to be more old style/Bond esque. He served as an efficient mirror for Captain America thematically, and I liked what they did with him. Naturally, if he comes back, he, like Cap, should be a changed man. But, I think for this film, he works very well.

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