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Default Thor=amazing + Thank God for Hasbro

Just wanted to say that. The movie was just beautiful. I am so happy and thankful the powers that be made this movie what it was. Everything, the acting, story, ACTION , cinematography, humor, pacing, characters, costumes, score/music EVERYTHING!!!

P.S.--I am SO thankful that Hasbro (and I usually dislike the 3 3/4 figures buuut these melted my heart!) made beautifully detailed articulated movie accurate AND vast character selection of movie based toys.

One thing is though the Heimdall figure lacks SERIOUS articulation for some reason they really **** the bed on that one..its like they were like "Ahhhh forget this man..lets just slap him together forget the articulation we gave to EVERY other figure in the line up and get him and his Rainbow Bridge Bazooka accessory out the door and into the Wal-Marts!"

Honestly I am eagerly awaiting the "Avengers" movie and toy line as well

....just had to get all this off my chest by the way. Thank you for letting me share my feelings

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