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Default Re: X-Men 3: WHY all the hate?...seriously it was awesome!

Originally Posted by Sgt. Fury View Post
In my opinion the initial hatred stemmed from all of the crap caused by Singer leaving/being replaced by Ratner. People started out with a bad feeling about the movie. Then when you kill off two of the main characters, especially killing them off in such a throw away non heroic dying as they save the world way, it really ticked a lot of people off.
Ahhh yes yes I can see that and I TOTALLY forgot about my main man Cyclops he is one of my favorite characters how the HECK can they kill him off actually!? I know at the end Professor X came back but..ol' Cyke got the bums rush

Either way I loved the movie. And that hurling flaming car scene with Pyro and Magneto!? AWESOME!!

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