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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Discussion Thread

What a great freakin issue! I really like what they did with Deathlok and Genesis, and seeing the future X-Men. It's funny, a lot of this feels like what Morrison had done in his run- the X-Men being a faculty body with shared focus on the kids, coupled with zany adventures, and planting seeds for the future- but I'm enjoying this so much more. I'm loving seeing these kids, though emo Idie is really getting to me. Kid Gladiator and Broo are great, and seeing all the X-Men getting fare amounts of panel time is great considering we all feared a book title "Wolverine and the X-Men".

Wolverine: "I got one. Domino or Psylocke?"

Nightcrawler: ".....British or Japanese Psylocke?"
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