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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Hugo Weaving is Red Skull - Part 6/6/44

Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
That's my view on the matter as well. If the Skull is used in a Cap sequel in the present day they can give us one that is more in line with the one we have in the comics today.
Why would Red Skull's motives change from just having a lust for power to being a malicious sadist? For movie Red Skull to be similar to the comic book Red Skull, he would have adopt the the same desire for wanton cruelty, malice and sadism that the comic book Red Skull has and I don't see why that would happen with the movie Red Skull.

For movie Red Skull to be similar to comic Red Skull his goals would shift from just wanting power to causing misery because it amuses him and he has a grudge against the whole world.

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