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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

The reason why every Superman game fails is because Supes and his world are too big, and every developer and console is too small.

Making a good Superman game cannot be done, until they make a console that can make its own "big bang"

When the first images of Returns was released, it looked amazing. Then the final product, no promises were kept.

Making Metropolis that huge in the game SERIOUSLY affected its quality. But you cant expect a Metropolis that's the size of GTA IV's Liberty City, just to make it look good.

And the decision to pull the missions from Returns, where Supes stops bank robbers and stuff, was because it wasn't challenging enough for his powers. So instead we got dorky robots and dragons popping up every 2 minutes.

Returns was trying to be like the Spider-Man 2 VG, but blew up in their faces.

So, for me, I hope they NEVER make another free roaming game. It failed back then, and it'll fail now. Cause the whole concept of Supes being too powerful in a big city just doesn't work.

Superman being in a game where he gets to free roam around levels on different planets would be cool. But saving Metropolis doesn't work anymore.

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