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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Hugo Weaving is Red Skull - Part 6/6/44

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
GG and Ock maybe can be argued, but none of the SM3 villains were as threatening as RS.
I dont know Venom, despite being poorly portrayed for the most part, came accross more sadistic and menacing in the final battle in SM3 than Skull did in his final battle. I mean, RS got the better of the fight IMO and still resorted to using a gun, he just didnt seem a threat at all.

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
This film also had a lot to cover, so I don't really mind it. We got 2 great confrontations between them in the movie, so I was happy.
Well again, I agree about the first confrontation, I remember in the cinema being really excited to see another one between them, and being really dissapointed when it came. This didnt change on subsequent viewings unfortunately like it did with Thor. I have grown to like the final confrontation in Thor despite finding it slightly underwhelming in the cinema.

Also, this could be another case were Marvels strict 2 hour rule for its blockbusters has a detrimental effect, at the same time though, I think we got plenty of Skull in the movie, but in my view he was just poorly represented. Which makes it all the more dissapointing when you consider who was playing him.

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
I wouldn't have wanted Cap to be really edgy like First Class was. I loved FC (and the edginess of the film is not why), but I also loved the tone I got from Cap, and I prefer it be more Indiana Jones than FC.
I loved the tone in Cap, and wouldnt have changed it, I just would have liked the Red Skull himself to be a bit edgier.

Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
Madness from what he went through. A guy gets sucked in to some interdimensional portal and view who knows where for who knows how long. It's pretty simple really. Take your pick as to the cause, all sorts of things could have happened to him.
Yeah, i'm sure he has been through a few hardships and cruelties were ever he has been which will make him all the more sadistic hopefully.

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