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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Discussion Thread

As a Warren fan, I HATE what they are doing to him here. First off the long hair has got to go. He looks like Ultimate Angel, whom I hate. I dont like this guy's new personaltiy and thinking he's a real angel. I wish he had just left and went into limbo following the conclusion to his arc in X-force. He's in his 30s and now enrolled in the school? Dont like any of these developments.
I really wanted to see him try to settle into life a human on his own. I dont like that he's pretty much letting Wolverine and the X-men dictate who he is. I wanted to see him break out and create his own destiny and figure out who he wants to be from here on out. I think that would be more interestnig, especially the next time we see him, months down the line. Id have preferred it if he picked a new name and persona for himself. As it stands, I dont even like that he's going by Warren or Angel bc I liked how Remender explained it as that character is dead. I think he should start fresh and be treated as a new character

Best part though was Bobby standing up for him and wanting to take responsiblity for him from here on out. Love their friendship

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