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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

It is difficult to imagine Superman in a game where it's too small that you can't even swing a dead cat

The problem with Returns was that everything, the city, Superman, etc, were far too big. But could we as Superman fans and gamers expect anything less? Back then, perhaps trying to make it the next Spider-Man 2, we wanted it that big...but after being disappointed and playing AA, we no longer care about that.

The new Spider-Man games, while they were good, did finally make us realise after much complaining in the past, that we loved and missed the free roaming around NY.

It is the natural thought, that when we think of a Superman game, we think of him flying around saving Metropolis. But as I said, it doesn't work, and Returns' developers proved that. They did EVERYTHING that we hoped for in a Superman game, and it was executed poorly. But more upsetting is the fact, that they had the right idea about everything...The all powerful Superman battling all powerful villains while saving his city. It had everything, but in the end, it wasn't enough. It didn't go anywhere.

Toning down his powers would be a kind of a blowout for fans, but if handled well, it could be a an essential way to making a better game for all.

But can we accept a smaller game in general, for a better gaming experience? After the biggest of all, Returns, was the biggest disappointment, I say HELL YEAH!!!

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