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Default Re: Green Arrow Series Coming to the CW? (Hartley not attached)

I hope it's not related to Smallville. I loved Hartley as GA but there would be just too much baggage from Smallville if both shows are connected. For one, I never liked Oliver and Chloe together. If this show is related to Smallville then there will of course be a reference to her (if Chloe is not included in the show). I would love a GA show that is based on the comic books where he has an actual relationship with Black Canary. It's the perfect opportunity to do a GA show that is comic book based and not a "new take" or "reimagining". That said, I also don't like the line about the show being set in a new world and not based in comics. Honestly, I think they should have gone with a different superhero altogether in order to avoid the mess.

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