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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

The general idea of a free roam Superman is definatly possible, however in regards to the Superman Returns game it was executed horrifically by EA.

The main story made little sense & it very vaguely tied into the movies plot, but didn't actually follow it.. the story was a complete pisstake & a disgrace to the video game industry nevermind Superman's name.

The side missions got repetitive & old, really, really quickly & they didn't even lead to further mini-stories worth mentioning.

Then there is the actual gameplay & visuals, the game still looked like it was/should have been in alpha/beta stage.. it was very buggy & the visuals themself were probably the least impressive I've seen on the PS3/Xbox to date.

It tells you how little they cared about the title... or how little time they gave the developers to come up with something when you see how Superman's cape looks graphically. It might seem like something fairly small, but it something you are gonna see alot & rather than looking like cloth it looks like a piece of cardboard.. you know everything else is gonna be grim.

They need to get a delveloper on board that actually cares about the Superman name & wants to make a good game rather than some quick buck ****e.

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