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Here are the first screens of a demo map I'm building in UDK. All the assets were made by me. The only stock assets are the smoke and light effects. The map features fully dynamic lighting and real-time simulated global illumination. Even with the fully dynamic lighting and high polygon count, the map runs at about 15-20 fps when played in the small view-port. At full screen it gets choppy and only runs about 10 fps (The choppy framerate ain't so bad though, considering my pc could only run a 10mb demo map at 25fps, and that had baked lighting with low poly models).

I need to post a video of the map because you lose a lot when staring at a still shot. You can't see the light cutting through the smoke or the slight flickering of the light that you'd see in motion (I also had to tweak the contrast settings of the last 2 pics to get them to match up to the contrast levels you'd see in-game).

Also, the map wasn't built using a grid (big mistake), so everything had to be fitted in using the xyz coordinates from Maya. Had it been a straight cooridoor, I could've used a snapping grid system, but then I wouldn't have gotten those snaking halls I wanted.

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