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Default Re: Green Arrow Series Coming to the CW? (Hartley not attached)

The show more likely then not will not be assoicated with smallville and its take on characters. As much as it would be nice to have that. SV took the character from lone archer, accepted hero, and unmasked him already and he got married. What else would a new show be able to add to the smallville take. GA sv take would have been better to have happened in season 7/8 range of smallville and crossovers work nicely between the too.

Plus with the show over, and its production staff, and crew off doing other things, sets and all that dismantled and taken away/stored. Any future dc shows are more then likely going to be its own thing. Just like for example current animated shows. The last few batman series been its own thing, young justice its own thing. Its easier to believe it will be its own thing. So the producers/creators can make there own stories and tell there own take on character. Then being stackled to using a take from another person.

Personally i dont really see it being wrong being a whole new take and new direction on the character. This way we can see more on ollie's beginings, see more of his hero career, and get a better chance at seeing his villains and allies too. Which like sv had issues with rights and all that.

But being its own show they could probably have more rights to use roy/conner/mia, and see black canery, and villains of his own. This also goes to the silly comment about being different from comics. I doubt that means they wont take things from comics or alter the character so much it isnt green arrow at all.

They probably just mean they want to take the character in new directions put there own spin on things like smallville did with it takes on dc characters. While also throwing in winks/nods of comic related things. Plus since the show is only in development stage who knows what other producers will come on board, along with any dc folks serving as producers/writers would bring to the table.

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