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Default Re: who was the most convincing clark kent with glasses after chris reeve.

Originally Posted by Lead Cenobite View Post
After watching a few episodes of Lois and Clark I've begun to notice a slight difference between Cain's Clark and Superman. When he's in the business suit and glasses, he comes off as slightly more timid and nerdy while Superman comes off more like a musclebound hunk, Mr. Perfect. A little bit of it is demeanor but another part of it is simply what glasses do to a person. I think that's a lot of what the glasses were for, to play off the stereotype that a person in glasses is weak and mild mannered, and that no matter what the person wearing them does, they're still perceived that way.

I dunno if I'd say he's my favorite Clark after Reeve's, but I have a new appreciation for the performance.
I don't know, Cain to me always seemed like he felt awkward in the suit. I think that was a function of the way he played CK/Superman - i.e., Clark was the real person and Superman was just a public persona - but IMO there was never really any difference between the way Cain played Clark and the way he played Superman.

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