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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by Sith Scotti View Post
If Natalie Portman comes back ., Jane is the love interest . Its not even a debate she is far bigger star power who herlps draw in the female audience
I think we should look at how the high fantasy of Conan went down without any recognisable or respectable face to pull it off. Thor could have fallen into that as well. Thor was on a knife edge as to whether it would do well or not and I think Natalie, Anthony and Marvel's bigger universe is what clinched its success.

Also, remember how sequels do when you start shedding leads from the cast. The audience thinks that if they don't want to make it why should we watch it.

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
This is why I won't be too upset if Portman decided to ditch the franchise later, because I'm also interested in the Thor/Sif relationship and I'd be happy if these can be paired together as love interests. Btw, do we have any news about whether Portman is happy about Marvel's selection of director for Thor 2? I know she's contractually bound to make the sequel but I think it would be much better if she is actually happy doing it than dragging her feet in the process.
I'd rather Marvel had a definite end point with Thor. It seems to be a 'done in 3' franchise with Hemmy doing Avengers over time. With all the gods aging, Natalie and Anthony wanting to do a variety of projects and the unknowns getting more offers I think it would be best to end at three with Thor crowned King, preferably for me with Jane. I don't see the sense in starting to build up one relationship and dropping it for another half way through. Or dropping the female lead for one that was second to last (out of the main characters) in the credits.


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