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Default Re: Hot Toys Michael Keaton Batman! NEW!

Originally Posted by バット人 View Post
MAYBE in 2008 but there certainly wasn't anything practical about the Begins suit. It was basically the same as the '89 except it had 16 years to borrow from with refinements and fake, sculpted armor plates. Rubber is rubber, a rubber cowl is a rubber cowl. Nothing practical about it. Just because you over explain what it supposedly can do or where it came from doesn't mean it is what it is. It's just as fake as any of the other Batman suits. Nomex survival suit and "memory cloth" my butt. We have "projectile firing gauntlet blades" in TDK, I'm surprised we haven't seen practical, rocket firing bat cowl ears.
The POINT is that if you had enough money and the drive ANYTHING is possible.

And even though I love Butron's Batman, Nolan's Batman is a hole hell of alot more practical.

Right becuase projectile firing weapons DON'T exsit.

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