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Default Re: LEAST favorite villain

Originally Posted by hafizbat View Post
Are you kidding me? Ra's and Talia are a HUGE part of Batman. Some of you are complaining that he's not "unique" like Joker or Two-Face, but thats partly why I think Ra's is important. Obviously Joker and Two-Face are great villains and deserve all their popularity, but it's nice to have a traditional style villain in Ra's al Ghul.

Its just I don't want EVERY Bat-villain to be some crazy lunatic with a gimmick. Ra's provides a classic storyline, and Batman's it-can-never-work love affair with Talia is a vital part of Batman and by far the best bat-relationship. And don't forget that Ra's is the most dangerous of all Batman's villains. While even the "heavyweights" only threaten Gotham city, Ra's schemes are often on a much higher level.
This guy gets it. Ra's al-Ghul is Batman's Moriarty. Joker may vie for second olace there, but Ra's is ths grand schemer amd mastermind that constantly matches wits with Batman. He'd love to win him to his cause. Frankly, Ra's is easily a character I can agree with ideologically. That's what makes him interesting, he has a point and makes valid critiques of human civilizatiin and our relationahip to the planet we inhabit. His tactics are the schemes of madmen.

I just watched almost every DCAU episode dealing with him the other day, all prettt awesome.

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