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Default Re: Did anyone see 1989's movie in theaters?

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
Y'know, I was watching B89 the other day, and I couldn't help but notice just how good Keaton's performance was in the film. Its very evident in the scene where Alfred tries to convince Bruce to continue his relationship with Vickie ("maybe you should marry her").

His acting was simply pitch perfect. It was extremely subtle, but the way in which he tries to brush Alfred off, and even distract his own mind by dwelling on the Joker and trying to convince himself he "doesn't have time for that now" is extremely accurate to how real people with emotional repression and trauam would react.
It's great how in that scene Alfred is always connected with the present Bruce and Bruce is never connected with the present Alfred.

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
Alright, I just timed The Joker in B89, and it's pretty interesting. I'm not going to get as indepth with how I did with the Bat-screen time, but The Joker has 29:48 of screen time, compared to Batman's 26:51. Yes, he had more screen time, but not nearly as much as people exaggerate. About 3 min, not 10-15 min like people act like.....

I actually think that The Joker in TDK has much more screen time than Batman. I'll actually time that later, but I think it's true, due to the fact that he's The Joker from square one, whereas in B89, there was a transformation taking place.
We gotta love you man. I'd add this info to your fabulous thread about screentimes.

Now in TDK's case, poroblem is the impression Joker leaves vs the impression Batman leaves.

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