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Default Re: Did anyone see 1989's movie in theaters?

Originally Posted by Marx View Post
I was a child at the time and saw this in theaters a couple of times with my family. I had the toys, merchandise, etc. B89 was my first real introduction to the batman world and it's the standard by which I measure all other onscreen Batmen.
Oh wow, B89 was your first introduction? You never watched the 60s show or the cartoons?

I do not believe that anyone will ever top Michael Keaton as Batman in my eyes.
His Batman is just perfect.

He [Batman] has this one rule, as the Joker says in The Dark Knight. But he does wind up breaking it. Does he break it in the third film?

Christopher Nolan: He breaks it in...

Jonathan Nolan: ...the first two.

The History of Batman Killing in the Comics
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