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Default Re: Green Arrow Series Coming to the CW? (Hartley not attached)

Originally Posted by hopefulsuicide View Post
I'm sorry, but how does it not count?

They've stated this new show has no connection to Smallville... so why does a thread in the Smallville forums magically count as more important than a thread in the Misc TV forum

Don't get me wrong, my post in that thread was all about why I think it SHOULD be JH in the role... I just don't see the neccesity for both threads to have been created...
Didnt say this one was "more important" just that given the character involved, the Network, and the fact that Smallville and Hartley's names are in ever news article, that it deserved a forum here too. Would rather discuss in the SV community than the larger Misc TV forum and read all the usual trolling that occurs there about how horrible Smallville was when meanwhile the only reason anyone at CW even cares about GA is due to his and Hartley's popularity on Smallville.

Originally Posted by bonoferox View Post

I'm in the same boat where I would like Hartley in the role, but if they actually did do another show in the SV universe, it would be a much more interesting series based on John Jones. But chances are they would make him shapeshift into a male model who can't act just to grab the CW audience.
Did Phil Morris strike you as a "male model?"

Superheroes: Serious Business!

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