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Default Re: Catwoman/Batman sex in the comics

I've had a lot of bad things to discuss about Catwoman's past. But the "NEW 52" really surprised me so far. I wasn't expecting Catwoman and Batman to show their relationship so explicitly. But I am satisfied. I've read too many coming of age novels, GREAT novels, about sexual liberation, whether that be concerning lesbianism, exhibitionism, transgendered, race relations in civil war eras, etc, but they never clearly go into the nitty gritty detail about sex. Even though comics are not considered part of the same class of hierarchy as traditional novels, I have always enjoyed them. And I have entirely enjoyed the Catwoman series thus far. I don't see what is wrong with clothed sex. It remained true to each characters' values and codes of conduct. Batman must not show his identity: unless this scene was in Hush. Sexual liberation doesn't necessarily mean going totally nude for the camera either, so Catwoman being clothed was just fine with me. It was tastefully done considering it is through the point of view of Catwoman, who possesses an interesting and quite vulgar tongue. This isn't pornographic. This is art. It is hard to draw a sex scene without showing body parts. The sex scene: I have been waiting for it for quite some time. But it wasn't a very powerful scene, instead, I felt like Batman and Catwoman were both pretty vulnerable to one another. Their positions are tensed and then relaxed, constraining and then restraining: which symbolizes their relationship. I liked that; their entire relationship has, and always will be on the rocks. To me, this scene felt believable if you were to look at their long history together. And i think it is important to show it in the storyline, because we finally understand how conscious Selina is about her feelings for this man who actually steals her heart. How can you tastefully say "Batman and I have knocked boots" without actually leading the conversation into it. It would have been made a mockery if Selina were to tell her fellow Sirens about that! As we have seen! There is a core you don't touch in Selina. She used to be a whore. She's seen a lot of men. But none who've mattered like the caped crusader. So when Harley tries to parallel her love for the Joker with Selina's love for Bruce, it is ludicrious. Their relationship is almost sacred. And this is just the beginning. I do think their relationship is worthy of showing, but I only wish the scene was prolonged. But if the scene had been waited on til a later time, the audience may not realize or see how much Batman does love Selina. After all, the main reason he came to the penthouse was to check up on her. A lone man and a lone woman in a scene leading to sex is natural, especially when they care for one another and have seen the things they've seen. People are not irreplaceable for Bruce.

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