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Default Re: The Video Game Thread

Originally Posted by B View Post
Thank **** that Factor Five Superman game was cancelled.. that Superman model looks absolutely horrific. He looks like a zombie for crying out loud.
Yeah, that's definitely not the finished product. I think most of us saw the model in action, ramming Doomsday through a building and then blowing up a gas truck with his heat vision to further stun the thing... it really was a loss, and ahead of its time as far as epic action.

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
It is the natural thought, that when we think of a Superman game, we think of him flying around saving Metropolis. But as I said, it doesn't work, and Returns' developers proved that. They did EVERYTHING that we hoped for in a Superman game, and it was executed poorly. But more upsetting is the fact, that they had the right idea about everything...The all powerful Superman battling all powerful villains while saving his city. It had everything, but in the end, it wasn't enough. It didn't go anywhere.

Toning down his powers would be a kind of a blowout for fans, but if handled well, it could be a an essential way to making a better game for all.

But can we accept a smaller game in general, for a better gaming experience? After the biggest of all, Returns, was the biggest disappointment, I say HELL YEAH!!!
Superman Returns was certainly not the biggest dissappoinmnt in Superman games, though that is a sad statement. Overall, I see what you're saying, that you can't give Superman a GTA IV-size experience unless you're Rock-something. But at the same time, a weaker Superman is just... a less cool Spider-Man. The selling point is the power, and that has to come into play if you're going to be Superman. There has to be some kind of building-crushing, tanker-tossing jaw dropping spectacle, or... why bother?

Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
The only way they can at least make a decent free roam Superman game is with the next generation consoles.
Assuming the city is supposed to be chocked full of action and platforming challenges and etc, yeah, it would takes some advances, not necessarily better hardware, but a few more years of maximizing this hardware.

But if you get away from that game design and go something more indie, like Shadow of the Colossus, or Journey, where the size is scenery, meant for use of your travel abilities, not your fighting/platforming abilities, and just part of the story as opposed to gameplay in itself, there's plenty room for a San Andreas-sized area with our current tech level.

And honestly, how can Superman honestly have any platforming challenges?

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